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CountyCare 2018

Marketing Campaign

CountyCare is a no-cost Illinois Medicaid managed care health plan for Cook County residents. CountyCare provides access to many types of care, from preventative to specialty and also covers services like prescriptions and transportation. The project consisted on defining the brand, promoting the health plan and encouraging applications. CountyCare marketing has evolved into a highly orchestrated, multilingual, multi-platform campaign.

My role as a designer ranged from developing campaign concept to creating campaign materials such as banners, bus kings, posters, bus shelters, digital ads, social media creative and website visuals. Our team was comprised of a creative director, account manager, account associates, and designers.

* This work is property of Res Publica Group (original copyright owner). The designer has no rights over it; the design is displayed solely for the purpose of exemplifying designer's work.

Artboard 1.jpg
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