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Making an impact

Marketing Campaign

The "Making an Impact" campaign was developed to promote Cook County Health as an attractive choice in a competitive market while delivering high-quality care and addressing social determinants of health. The campaign leveraged public service announcements and the system’s current work within the community to highlight the health system as a resource for current patients and families, prospective patients, taxpayers and Cook County residents. During the eight-month campaign we implemented rotating designs for digital, outdoor and internal communication channels. From May through August 2019 paid digital and out-of-home advertising generated 62 million total impressions and 114,400 clicks that led to the campaign landing page. The campaign resumed from November to December 2019 on social media and the website.

My role as a designer ranged from developing the brand system, preparing presentations with designs, to creating collateral materials and working with the web developer to implement the system online. Our team was comprised of a creative director, account manager, account associates, web developer and designers.

* This work is property of Res Publica Group (original copyright owner). The designer has no rights over it; the design is displayed solely for the purpose of exemplifying designer's work.

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