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Hilco Global

Print and Digital Campaign

Hilco Redevelopment Partners (HRP) acquires and redevelops complex real estate assets by leveraging the extensive capabilities and capital of Hilco Global to responsibly bring new uses to these properties. In 2017, HRP acquired the Crawford Power Generating Station in Chicago. The station was the largest power stations serving the city in the 1920s. Crawford Station was closed in 2012 because of environmental issues and has remained dormant since.

HRP plans to construct a modern, 1 million square foot logistics facility on the 70 acre site that will be known as “Exchange 55”. As part of the new development, HRP has commenced the remediation and demolition of the existing structures.

Hilco hired us to help with the creation of communication materials to inform the neighboring community about the “Exchange 55” project. My role as a graphic designer ranged from designing one-pagers, posters and Facebook ads. Our team consisted of a creative director, account manager, account associate and graphic designer.

* This work is property of Res Publica Group (original copyright owner). The designer has no rights over it; the design is displayed solely for the purpose of exemplifying designer's work.

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