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Cook County Health Foundation

Event branding

Founded in 2011, the Foundation is committed to making quality and responsive health  care accessible to all. For them every patient, wherever they are from, whatever their need and regardless of their ability to pay, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and to receive the best care, when they need it. The foundation organizes a annual gala to raise funds to support the their work. The event includes a cocktail reception, dinner and program highlighting health care successes and innovations.

They contacted us to help them to create the look and feel for 2019's gala: The Heart of the Matter. My role as a graphic designer ranged from creating layout concepts for invitation, selecting and editing photography, and creating collateral materials such as RSPV cards, poster and custom menu. Our team consisted of a creative director, account associate and graphic designer.

* This work is property of Res Publica Group (original copyright owner). The designer has no rights over it; the design is displayed solely for the purpose of exemplifying designer's work.

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